When people think about therapy, they often picture a client lying down on a couch constantly answering the question “how do you feel?”

That’s not the approach I take. As your therapist, I subscribe to a collaborative and direct approach rather than a neutral one. I will help you explore and make decisions as well as learn new, more effective, ways of looking at and responding to the problems you are dealing with. Through therapy, we will identify symptoms, patterns, problems and areas in your life that are causing you distress and we will work together to develop a plan of action for how to best address these issues.

I utilize a faith-based approach, incorporating Islamic principles along with therapeutic ones with clients who will benefit from this. Research has found that incorporating spirituality and religion into therapy yields positive results. Seeking a Muslim therapist can be very helpful in gaining a holistic approach to counseling that offers both psychological and spiritual help while taking into account cultural context. You can read more about it here.