I tailor my treatment to each person, couple and family individually and use a targeted approach designed to help you meet your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. I understand that therapy is a commitment of your time and money and I want you to achieve the most that you possibly can in the shortest period of time. The most successful clients are those who are willing to engage in a give and take relationship with the therapist by putting in the work needed to yield lasting change. You will be provided with a safe and supportive place to work through challenges and struggles and to begin to see things in a different way. This requires work on your part as well as a willingness to see and do things differently.

The best thing you can possibly do during therapy is to be as honest and open as possible. This is a judgment-free environment so don’t worry about the things you say and the way they will be perceived. The more you share, the more I will be able to help.

One of the most important things to realize about therapy is that setbacks are not failures. Oftentimes, when there is a setback in a relationship or in progress, many people may mistake this as going backward and they may feel discouraged. In reality, setbacks are a natural part of life and can actually be an indication that you are moving forward in reaching your treatment goals. Forgive yourself if a setback occurs, keep moving forward and you will find yourself back on track and confident in your abilities to face future setbacks.